damier azure question

  1. Woa.. I saw that post of Damier Azure pics... they all look so nice. Really like the colour!

    I have a few questions about this line if anyone can answer, that would be awesome.

    1. Is Damier Azure going to be a seasonal thing or permanent just like the old Damier?
    2. Are there are other items in Damier Azure later on? (Apart from those mentioned)
    3. Is it OK if a (straight) guy has Damier Azure? I want to get the Porte-Cles (or the wallets??) since I missed the Groom! (DAMN!). I'm just worried if it will look too girly, but the colour is nice and clean (and different!)

    Thats all. Thanks in advance
  2. it is a permenent collection
  3. It is permanent, but some bag styles (like the cabas) are limited editions.
  4. i like Azur looks too feminine for a guy. frankly.
  5. Check out elux, they still have lots of Groom items!
  6. Are you based in Aus? There are still groom items in store. If you like the Azur then go for it;)
  7. Azur is great for men too
  8. Thanks for all the replies.

    I'm not gonna get Groom coz my brother already bought one. haha.. I can just borrow his. LOL!

    I guess I will have to wait and check Azur first hand when it's out. It's a permanent line so I dont have to rush this time. :smile:
  9. I personally think it's more girly than unisex. When I saw the print up close in the store, it doesn't look grayish-blue but more like grayish-purple/violet.
  10. Honestly, the only thing a guy can pull off is the cles, any maybe (big maybe) the agenda. The walletts are too femme->koala lock.
  11. I think a guy could use it.
  12. Azure confirmed by my SA to come out on Nov 1st
  13. My SA called 10 minutes ago and said he would sell me any of the pieces I wanted from today on so I am going to pick up the wallet and Speedy 30 on Tuesday.
  14. ^ Get out!
  15. Groom is availabe on Eluxury or you can always call and look for them. As for the Azur, I'm a (straight) guy myself and was considering the cles as well in the new line...hope that helps