damier azure bleeds?

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  1. i was just wondering, does the damier azur bleeds, like the mini poch. and speedies?
  2. No. The inside of my speedy is a light-colored canvas. I don't know about the others though! I think I heard one has an alcantra lining.
  3. ^I think the saleya has alcantra
  4. wat's alcantra? does it transfer color?. i'm more interestd in the mini poch
  5. Alcantara is the red suede/suedelike lining isn't it?
  6. Alcantra is the suede like lining....it comes in the tan, grey (black MC) and red (like the cites), raspberry (white mc).
  7. I thik you are thinking of the speedy damier ( the reg. one), that's the one with bleeding problems.
  8. so does the damier azur have bleeding problems? anyone know yet?
  9. See my post. I said no. Although I have only had it one day and haven't carried it I am pretty certain it will not as it is a very light-colored canvas lining that should not bleed. The regular Damier has a RED lining. Hence the color-transfer. It is much darker and not all of the bags had that issue anyway!
  10. I haven't had any problems with any of my linings bleeding. I have heard of some of the very early mc white speedies having the raspberry lining bleeding through to the outside. I have had two special order damier speedies and one of the regular line ones and none of them have bled. They also all have canvas lining. Alacantra is a man-made suede type of material.
  11. The Saleya Azur has the tan/beige alcantara lining (just like the inside of a Twin GM). I'm pretty sure ALL the Damier Azur line has light-coloured interiors and not red so you won't have to worry about bleeding. :yes:
  12. im sure it will not bleed because its in tan/beige lining.. its only the regular damier thats bleeding... on my speedy.
  13. i don't have this bag, but i doubt it will bleed ONTO anything because it's light-colored. your bigger problem would be something staining IT, because of the light color. :hrmm:
  14. ^^ Totally agree... :yes:
  15. Azur has a light honey color alcantara and will not bleed. I also had an old vive-cite PM with red alcantara and never heard of bleeding until I joined the forum.:s
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