Damier Azure Acessories?

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  1. What are the access. from this line? Anything for men? Wallets?
  2. Not really for men, but you could always get the pochette cles. I'm waiting to see it when it's for sale...
  3. A koala wallett and a zippy organizer, that's all. You should look into s.o.
  4. I have a feeling they'll produce more pieces with time since it's a permanent collection, and maybe there'll be a better selection for men.
  5. Cles and mini pouchette as well
  6. probably not..unless it's also a men's line, not a lot would come out.. and you can't special order.. i tried.. many times. i wanted a white MC Bifold 9 card but they wont do it.. their reason is that the MC line is a womens line and so it's not allowed or whatever to be made into a men's line item.

    i suppose anything is possible if you have a ton of money to toss around. lol.
  7. frozen - I didn't think they did ANY special orders in MC?
  8. so i've heard from a lot of other members here.. but 4 different upper management SA's have told me I could get them if I wanted. lol.
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