Damier Azur!!!!!

OMG!!!! The Damier Azur collection is so pretty!!! I admit, I've been very busy lately and haven't kept up with LV as much as I should be... ;)

I am SO buying the Damier Azure pochette- it's lovely!!! I'm going to Hawaii in January, and plan on buying it there... I hear the prices are a tad bit cheaper there anyway =]

I'm so excited!
i must say, this is one of my favorite lines from lv. looking forward to many more azur pieces (i've dropped more than enough hints for my dh to get me an azur speedy or noe for christmas- hahaha).
You MUST get at least one Azur to add to your collections ladies..it's pretty and I've been glancing at mine everytime I go to my closet :P it's so fresh looking.I can't wait to carry them:love: