Damier Azur

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  1. Okay, I am in LOVE with this look!! What size pochettes does it come in, are they available through the boutiques or are they sold out? (eluxury only has the coin purse) I'm hoping for the Speedy 25! I was going to buy the regular damier speedy 25 but when I saw this one, well it took my breath away. I'm head over heels in love!
  2. pochette's come in the mini accessories (with the chain handle) or the regular pochette accessories..they are to die for!! I have the regular pochette and am INLOOOVE with it and can't wait to get my speedy30 for my bday! You can still get them in the boutiques but since they just got released in NOV, there is still a wait list for them. good luck!
  3. Can I ask how much it cost you and if you have pics posted somewhere? I think I'm going to call a boutique after I get off the computer and see if I can get my name on a waitlist!! Thanks for the input!!
  4. The reg pochette is $285 and the mini pochette is $215
  5. I hope you get one!
  6. I'll take it at $285!! I'm off to call right now! I'll post if I happen upon one or if I just get waitlisted! Cross your fingers for me!! :yahoo:
  7. I have the mini and loovvve it, you will not regret it, so fabulous! I now want the Speedy 25...

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  8. Hope you get it, it's really cute...good luck! :smile:
  9. Thanks so much for the pics!! (I take pics in the mirror too!! You crack me up!!) Now I'm even more excited to get this! I'm starting to turn green with envy!! :greengrin:
  10. Call 866. I am pretty sure they have one around somewhere!! Good Luck!
  11. Sorry...dumb question...what is the 866 number?
  12. Not dumb at all...it's 1-866-vuitton. Its basically the nationwide LV number. They can check their systems for things around the country!
  13. Thank you!! :smile:
  14. I hope you can get it! I love this line. The azur speedy 30 is on my want list.