Damier Azur

  1. hey what do you guys think about the damier azur line coming out in november?
    i already pre-ordered for the speedy 25 and the mini pochette accessories... :yahoo:
    trouble is i don't really know what it looks like in real life!
    what do you guys think wen the handle starts browning?
  2. Do a search for damier azur and you'll find all sorts of answers to your questions! I once photoshopped up a pic of the azur w/ patina...it still looks great!
  3. how about the price, is it the same with regular Damier?
  4. i think its supposed to be a bit more expensive than the damier....
    when i filled out the pre-sale form, the estimated the price was the same as the the damier lines... except they did make a mistake saying that the speedy 30 is 645 cdn while the damier 25 is 670 cdn...
    but wen i read an article about it online, it did say damier azur line is excected to be slightly more expensive than the damier
  5. I think it's about the same price. Not sure though, especially since it's not really made of anything different than the regular Damier, save for the vachetta handles, etc.
    I'm getting the pochette..maybe a cles. Not sure on that though.
  6. I am not sure...it is hard for me to tell by the pics. I really want to see it in person:smile:
  7. im deffinitely getting the speedy 25!
  8. I am not sure about it either...will have to see what it looks like IRL.
  9. I am not sure about it either..will have to wait and see it IRL.
  10. I think it will look great as it ages. I may purchase a small accesory from this line.
  11. the prices will be the same as the mono and damier speedies.
  12. i lovveee them,im getting the mini pochette or the pochette,im still deciding,i think im gonna go at a louis vuitton boutique to pre-order to :smile:
  13. I really think I really want an agenda from this line...if there's a small agenda...and maybe a cles too :heart:
  14. I don't really like the line that much mostly cause of how I think it will look with patina.