Damier Azur

  1. Has anyone heard or seen this? Its supposed to come out the same time or is part of the cruise 2007 line.


  2. ooohhhh can you make the pics bigger???!
  3. Looks nice. I wish I could enlarge the pics!!!:sad:
  4. Oooh very nice, it brings a real kick with the colour combo b/c I think damier looks depressing (no offense :P), I wonder if it'll be a permanent line?? I hope so :smile:
  5. They look so pretty, yet another Speedy to add to the want list.
  6. it looks very cool.
  7. i love it!
  8. That is so nice. I will definately be getting a speedy from that line!!
  9. I'll holdout on the damier canvas speedy and get the Azur speedy as well. Love the look!
  10. I like it! It looks so fresh... I'd get a speedy with this leather. So nice!:love:
  11. ahhhh so nice....THIS will be my Damier Speedy!
  12. I think this new Damier variety is very pretty. Muy bonita!
  13. did you say Azure speedy? :graucho: I cant wait to see more!