Damier Azur

  1. Okay. I am becoming enamored of Damier Azur. I love vachetta especially after it gets soft and darkens. I'm thinking of something for the summer. I'm not crazy about the few bags I have seen on lv.com or elux. Surely, something should be coming out soon for the spring and summer, right? I know I read about the Hampstead (which I already own in Ebene.) The Berkeley is a great looking bag, but I'd like to have more choice. Any inside info? Thanks
  2. I love Damier Azur as well, its perfect for summer, the only style its available in that I like the most is the Speedy - but I'm a bit Speedy wary - have gone in twice to buy it and pulled out at the last minute! It just doesn't feel right.......but as soon as I get home can't stop thinking about it!

    I read on here that the Neverful will be released in Damier Azur which I would buy in a heartbeat - and if it came out in Neverful and I had already bought the Speedy I would regret buying the Speedy - I asked the SA last week if the rumour was true.....and she just gave me a blank look - so I guess I'll keep waiting.......and go in and look at the Speedy again.....:p

    The Berkerly was nice but for the price it felt a bit old on me.
  3. Ooh Princess Pink me too!! I'm desperate to buy something before the price increase, and the Speedy in the Azur seems to be my best option, but I'm kind of waiting for the Neverfull too! I don't know what to do either and there's not many days to decide!
  4. I just bought the speedy 25 in damier azur. I am in love with it. When the neverfull comesout , I may buy it in azur as well.
  5. I know what you mean about not enough choices in Azur. I thought I liked the Berkley but after thinking about it for awhile, I realised that the shape reminds me of the Josephine which was discontinued. I'm still thinking about the Saleya but I'm not in any hurry now.