Damier Azur???

  1. I don't know if I should get the damier azur print speedy? I am worried that if I get something on it will stain. Also, if dark patina will look bad on it? If you have the damier azur print can you please post pictures of your handbag. Please share your experience. Thanks!!!

  2. I was contemplating on getting the azur too but Ive seen them with dark patina and they dont look nice at all IMO :tdown: :tdown:
  3. Azur canvas is as durable as the classic and ebene Damier. Patina is the nature of vachetta and will become in time richer in color. I think it looks great. Like dark golden honey against a background of ash gray and off white feathery snow. JMHO.:flowers:
  4. I have the speedy 30 in the azur and it's a great bag to have. The canvas itself just wipes clean. The vachetta on mine is just starting to get dark and it looks nice against the light color of the bag. Fear of getting it dirty is no reason not to get it. It looks much prettier in person than online. It's my favorite summer bag ever!
  5. I want one too. If you do a search, you can find a lot of threads on the dirt issue. Seems like it stays pretty clean.

    I definitely want the speedy for next spring.
  6. i agree. pictures dont do justice in this bag. go see it in person and it'll be hard to let it go hehehe
  7. Here is my Azur Saleya MM with a light patina. I really love this bag.

  8. i have the azur speedy and love it. if you do happen to get the bag dirty just wipe it down with a baby wipe and it will be fine.
  9. ^^
    Exactly!! It's the same material as the mono canvas. It can be wiped down. It looks much better with patina. I worried that it'd look ugly, but it looks really nice.
  10. Beljwl,
    I think that is the most beautiful patina'd Damier Azur bag I have seen yet!!
  11. i have the speedy 25 and it is by far my favorite LV bag to date. idk what other ppl are talking about with the patina not looking nice. i think it brings out the blue more WITH patina than the pale pale vachetta. it seems pretty durable and anything that i have ever gotten on it has just wiped right off. its actually like a beige and blue...not white and also its the same material as the regular damier or monogram. no worries on stains.

    the bag is TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am obsessed! (now)
  12. I think azur looks lovely with patina too! Go get it. Azur is really beautiful ! :biggrin:
  13. I can't wait to get the speedy 30 next spring, I'm so obsessed already! I hope the speedy doesn't go up w/ the next price increase but I bet it will, it hasn't gone up in a while. Get it now while it's still a great price! It will probably be 640-650 by the time I get it.
  14. imo- the patina looks great!!

  15. I would love love love to see what your bag looks like w/ patina! Can you take a pic of it please? I like your avatar too btw. It's a great Ross/Rachel shot of them.