Damier Azur

  1. Is there any colors you would not wear with the damier azur??:confused1:
  2. Nope, I think its an easy bag to wear with anything.
  3. The azur goes with everything.
  4. yea i think so too!!! just wondering wat u think it looks the best with hehe
  5. LOL, it goes perfectly with every thing you can think of...perfect NEUTRAL!
  6. Nope, I wear white, black, and colorful tops w/ my azur accesories pouch.
  7. I wear mine with everything!!!
  8. I do not wear mine with brown. With that said, I don't know how it looks with brown/beige outfits. Prob. very nice, however, I like to use my mono or damier ebene when I wear those colors. Mainly, because I like to rotate my bags often. I ESPECIALLY like my azur speedy with red, bright pink, purple, all shades of blue, with Navy blue being my favorite with it.
  9. I wear it with every color. It's a neutral, so it goes with everything!
  10. I think it can go with anything! Well probably not something plaid or a kilt... but everything else!
  11. nope, i think it looks great with every color.
  12. Anything. I especially love it with pinks OMG.
  13. I usually don't wear red with it.
  14. Looks great with Anything!
  15. azur goes with any colours.
    i wont wear azur if i wear colourful clothings ~ guess it will be too much contrast.