!!! Damier Azur Zippy Coin Purse???

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  1. Oh exciting!! Good eye, I hope this means we'll see it in both Ebene and Azur in the boutique soon!
  2. it looks cute...how much?
  3. Love it - thank you for posting!!
  4. Ooooh yes, that's very cute! :yes:
  5. It should be 290 USD
  6. I think it should be coming out this month, that's what I heard at any rate!
  7. :drool:, Dang, I settled for this in Mono last month because I liked the price and size. Now I'm going to be drooling for an Azur one too. Will have to stay satisfied with my azur cles I guess.
  8. i hope this means they're coming out with it soon!!!!
  9. The Azur would be perfect for Summer.
  10. awesome. i must have it in damier ebene. :biggrin:
  11. An SA I spoke to today told me April/May, and she's going to call me when she gets it in Damier, SO happy. I played with the Epi today and I love the look and size.
  12. Finally it's going to be available! So happy!
  13. Yay finally! I have one in Mono and would get another one in a hearbeat!:heart: Its gorgeous and really easy to use!
  14. It looks like a very cute and useful wallet for smaller bags. I already have an azur regular-sized zippy so I will be holding out for the MC one I saw in Princess Elektra's thread!