damier azur.. would it get dirty easily??

  1. I'm thinking to get damier azur speedy 30 on my trip to Milan next week, however, I'm wondering, because it is WHITE, would it get dirt easily??? :confused1:

    And would the price in Milan same as in Paris??

    Advices please..................
  2. I have the Azur Speedy 30, and I don't think it gets dirty easily. You just have to be careful with the vachetta as always...would definitely recommend getting it! Sorry I don't know about the prices you requested. Have fun in Milan!
  3. price in milan is just a tiny bit more than in Paris when I was there the prices where like 10 or 5 euro more in most of the things
  4. Nope, I had the same concern. It's holding up really well!
  5. The azur has given me nothing but joy. No problems at all. It doesn't seem to attract dirt. Some child sitting behind on a bench even kicked it on to the ground,still no dirt and no scratch. Hope this helps.
  6. I have the agenda and it's tossed around in my bag all day long, and it looks perfect. I was worried about the stitching at first b/c it's so light, but it's fine.
  7. I had a problem with my Azur Naviglio rubbing against my denim jeans. The dye from my jeans were transfering to the Naviglio while I was walking around Toronto. No one at the LV store did much to fix the problem but a little warm water and lots of rubbing did removed most of the ink. :sad:
  8. No problems here. This question pops up a lot. It's no different than a mono speedy. I would be more concerned about one of the white suhali bags showing more dirt than an azur speedy.
  9. It should be fine. I ordered it and assume its the same as MC, which wipes off really easy.
  10. None here. Unless you're wearing stonewash jeans which are prone to bleeding when they're new.
  11. I haven't had any trouble with dirt with my azur. It's canvas, so if you do get something on it, you can wipe it.
  12. Thank you!!!

  13. Great!!!! Thank you so much!!!:tup:
  14. I wipe down my azur speedy with a baby wipe before placing in dust bag.
  15. I'm looking in to getting a speedy azur because it's so freakin beautiful! I'm just afraid that since it's so light, it would get dirty pretty easy.

    The SA at LV said it's a great bag, but the only thing to watch out for is pen marks, and to NOT get any pens near it.

    So to all you damier azur fans, how has yours been holding up? Especially the bottom since it sits on more surfaces....do you feel you can take it anywhere? Or do you have to hella babysit it?