Damier Azur with Patina!

  1. Ladies, I tried my best on giving the Damier Azur a Patina with photoshop!
    It's still a little light but it should give an idea of what it will look like.
  2. i hope it's really light-colored leather and not vachetta. i think the Azur colors will look bad with the patina
  3. I hope it's leather
  4. I hope it's cream/light colored leather, too.
  5. I think the patina would look alright on the rigid luggage pieces (including the hatbox). But the patina would look really bad on the Azur bags.
  6. thanks for the pics!!! still can't make up my mind though.
  7. Really dark patina would look terrible with those bags, but the honey coloured one is really not so bad. Still hoping for treated leather though !
  8. Does anyone know when these bags will be available. Are the ones shown in the pictures the only styles?
  9. Ditto. I think really darn patina wouldn't look good with it.
  10. The honey colored patina looks alright but the darker...I can't imagine it looking very good.
  11. I think i'm the only one who thinks it will look good with a patina :sad: lol

  12. no you're not.... i like it too ;)
  13. I think the patina makes the damier more pale even... I like the new color but not with patina...
  14. i also hope it's not vachetta...
  15. I'm another one praying it's not vachetta.