Damier Azur - Where can I get one?

  1. I'm craving a damier azur speedy..Are they still avalible in the stores? And for how long? And what other model are there? I don't want the pochette, so small for me :p

    For now im not even close to an LV store and wont be able to go to one until this summer :crybaby:

    And eBay dosent feel safe anymore somehow =/

    Any1 got tired of theirs? :p
  2. They are coming back to the stores and elux slowly, but surely
  3. I talked to my SA (Palo Alto, CA) yesterday and she said the Damier Azur Speedy will arrive in their next shipment. The shipment will be large enough to fulfill the whole waiting list. She told me the Damier Azur Speedy 25 will come a little sooner than the 30 too.
  4. The shipment has arrived in Australia after a bit of a long wait. It's permanent, so you'll defn be able to get one eventually. The Seleya and Speedy are the most popular so far.
  5. i know you said you didn't trust eBay (i got my azur speedy 30 there and it's legit), but as of my time on 2/15, the seller eboutique had a speedy 25 with a BIN. you can always ask the LV authenticators to double check. good luck!!!
  6. i believe the line is permanent. there is just such a mad rush for it right now that the stores can't keep it in stock. and why would they want to? the exclusivity is causing every piece to be sold immediately!
  7. call the 866 number. i got mine that way. there was a recent shipment so you might find one.
  8. ^call 866 and it is a permanent line.
  9. Elux or 866, good luck, Azur speedy will be my spring and summer and fall and may be winter if it's got a nice patina by then :graucho:
  10. It's a permanent line but more for summer time. My SA told me that as from April they will be re-stocking Azur.

    And as somebody said, they created the buzz last year, they sold a lot for Christmas and now is kind of a "low" until Spring - Summer time :yes: .

    In Amsterdam I believe they still have some keepalls and speedys... do you want me to find out for you? I'm getting mine in April, my SA will ring... with the weather over here, there's no rush for a summer bag yet :roflmfao:
  11. I saw a number of these in the LV dept at Macy's earlier this week. If you want one you could try calling Macy's Herald Square. I went twice last week b/c I wanted to look at the new DA wallet but the pricing threw me off. I thought it was $600+ but the SA told me it was $525. When she took out the wallets I noticed in the drawer that there was at least 3 speedys in there.
  12. Thank you everyone :smile: I just got home from the states without any luck..So I'm just gonna wait until the summer when I go back to Sweden for a visit and see if I can get one then. Cross your fingers for me, guys :yahoo:
  13. Oh and I guess I might check out eBay. But I got like 4 purses from there, but it still feels like: What if their not authentic anyway?

    So I'm trying to just buy LE stuff from ebay nowdays :p
  14. I think they just shipped to stores again this week. There were a bunch in Hawaii and everyone else from all over seems to be finding them in stores this week.

    Good Luck!
  15. well there are two sellers that have it that are good and sell authentic stuff.