Damier Azur what you want

  1. to buy from the collection? and whos buying it asap?!?!?!

    im on the list for the speedy 25 and the 30 not sure which one to get!!!!

    my mom told me that she would buy that for christmas for me from her and dad! so i will get it nov 1st but not use it till christmas!!! but i dont mind!!!!

    whos wearing it asap?!?!
  2. I'm on the list for the Cabas Plage in both sizes. I'm not sure which size I will prefer.

    If I love the bag as much as I think i will then I may get a wallet to match. But that's it. Just two pieces max no more :smile:
  3. I'm also on the list for the Speedy 25 and 30 and I will decide then...I think the 25 I will pick...white always look bigger.

    That's all I want.
    I won't wear it in the winter....it won't go with any of my winter white ensembles.
  4. yeah see my only issue is i have two 25 already mono and damier...im sure the azur will prob look cuter in the 25
    i wish u would of bought the mono in the 30!!! errrr
  5. Ive had my name down for the Plage GM & PM for a couple of months now....I am getting antsy! I want it now!!!!
  6. Not sure yet. Maybe French purse.
  7. OMG i cant imagine getting a bag and keeping it for a certain occasion/date LOL .. i use them as soon as i get them LOL
  8. me 2!! haha im using mine as soon as i get it!

    i work at coach which is directly across the lv in riverside so i am going to be in that store nov 1 st to see even though the sa is going to get me when it comes hahahaha
  9. Here's a pic of the Cabas Plage. Luv it!! I'm not sure what size this one is though? :shrugs:

  10. i like the speedy 25 better~~~~~ i cant wait.
  11. I am not going to get it ASAP..didn't put myself on the list but I am leaning toward speedy 25 and Saleya..
  12. Pretty sure that this is the GM, it's about the same as my Monosque GM compared to the PTI.
  13. I don't know where to put my name on the list, since there's no LV shop near my house.

    Can I place my name in eLux?? :shrugs: ...

    Anyway, I love Speedy 30..:idea: I have so many things to carry...
  14. Unless you want the bag right away there's no need to get on a list. All of the bags will be permanent except the Cabas Plage. That's the only reason why I'm on a list.

    if you want that one i would call the 1866 number or your nearest store.
    Eluxury won't be carrying the Cabas Plage
  15. u can prob call 866 they will take ur info and cc and send it out to u when it ocmes in