Damier Azur Wallet

  1. Hi I have a question about the Damier Azur French Purse...is the inside also going to have the same layout as the updated Monogram Canvas FP (with about 9 CC slots)??? I'm still looking for a wallet and decided against the Koala ones cuz I'm a paranoid freak when it comes to the brass buckle....Anyway, thanks in advance! :biggrin:
  2. hmmm, I was wondering that too, that would be a cool wallet! sorry I don't know the answer though.....
  3. Good question!

    I am sure we'll get more information as Nov. 1st rolls around.

    I do wonder because if you notice the FP in Damier did not get the upgrade so yeah we shall see!

  4. I'm debating in buying an azur zippy or a french purse. I need a good wallet and space for my credit cards. Thanks for any recommendations.
  5. New French wallets have 8 cc slots (5 on left side and 3 on right side.) I have the old mono French wallet with only 4 slots. Bummer!!! I would prefer more cc slots but the French wallet is still elegant IMO.
  6. So, the damier azur has the 8 cc slots! Great. It still reads as 4 on eluxury.com. I wonder if its a typo. Anyone know?
  7. it has 8 c/c slots