Damier Azur wallet questions...

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I just got an Azur Noe and I don't have a wallet yet. Which wallet can I use until I get an Azur one? I currently have a damier french purse, several mono wallets, monogram multicolore ( black), Vernis ( fushia).

    I think that a Suhali wallet in creme would be nice and it would help break up the checkerboard pattern or maybe a Azur zippy organizer.
  2. I think you could use any of the ones you have and it'd look nice! I personally love to mix and match my lines and I think the fuchisa vernis would look great with the Azur.
  3. ITA!! You use your wallet just to pay, not like a bag, so feel free to use anyone you like that day, at least IMO!
  4. ^ITA... Lvbabydoll suggestion is great, you already have items that would compliment your azur noe already. :yes:
  5. I agree, the fuschia one would look great with the azur!