Damier Azur waiting list?

  1. I think this may have been posted already before, but I tried searching and was unable to find the answer to my question--

    Can someone pls tell me if I need to put my name on some sort of waiting list if I want to buy a Damier Azur Speedy 25 on Nov 1? (If so, would this vary by area?) If not, what are the chances of being sold out?!
  2. I guess you can always call your boutique and put your name down...just incase it's sold out.
  3. I don't think u need to be on the waiting list to get the speedy since the azur's permanent...BUT u'll probably want to if u want to get the first shipment on 1 Nov cos the store only has a certain number each shipment. U may need to be on the list for the cabas plage tho if u r bent on getting that 'cos it's LE for this line...HTH
  4. I think I'm just going to take my chances and go on wed :Push:
  5. You can call 866 and place the order...
    I called them last week about waitlist and they said they can take the order now, and ship on Nov1..

  6. I thought the Azur is seasonal, which is why it will not be included in the price increase. :shrugs:
  7. just call your local boutique and they'll put you on the list, I am eagerly waiting for my Saleya PM...droooooooooooooooooooool!
  8. No Azur is permanent....only the cabas are 1 shots.
  9. oops, forgot to answer op question...like others have suggested, I would call and ask, I know at Valley Fair the speedys are the most popular, and have the longest wait lists...so it really depends.
  10. Your profile says you're from New York, NY. The NYC Louis vuittons have had the azur speedy's and azur line so you can go now to get it. If you look at the azur club some ppl already got some azur pieces.
  11. most of the stores have them now but they aren't supposed to sell anything until wednesday. If you got ur wallet there today Congrats!!!
  12. oh wow really? haha, they were definitely selling it today. guess I was lucky.
  13. Cola-- how were you able to get yours early? Are you outside of the US?
  14. what?? didnt know the lv stores in ny have it already. i'll have to look into that.. thanks for your help, all!
  15. Oh I went by an LV today in NYC and they didn't have it. I got mine at Macy's LV in NYC. They've been selling the azur early.