Damier Azur time frame?

  1. What is everybody hearing from their SA's? 866 is telling me a couple of weeks, but the SA at my local store doesn't really know much! Don't even have their 2007 look book yet! Good news is we are getting a brand new LV boutique here in Austin (current is inside Saks) that opens in March, so I am thinking they will be pretty well stocked for the opening.
  2. BTW, I am on the list at my local boutique for a Speedy 30. Can't wait! Think I am first on the list.
  3. Great! but i think Azur is a permenate line of LV, so the speedy WILL BE in your hands, hopefully b/4 summer starts.....i will be using Azur Speedy 30 in sizzling TX summer too!
  4. Exactly! I think the Azur Speedy is the perfect summer bag for our sizzling 100+ degree summer days! Which, unfortunately, will be here before we know it! Do you already have yours?
  5. When I got mine, SA told me they have more shipment in January/early feb..so hang in there..
  6. ugh, i keep hearing this, but i want mine before my cruise, which i leave for on march 10th! :sad: i spoke to three SAs about this today, one told me she did not know, one told me they should be expecting some by the end of january, and the other i just asked her how many people they had waiting for it at their store and she said 8-10.

  7. this is from three different stores in three different states, btw.
  8. i just put myself on the list today while calling in for my Icons book..and the SA said he's looking at around March and there's 10 people on the list.
  9. Yup! From Elux back in Nov 22. 06(Gosh i even remember the date, lol), one of the live rep agent, Lorriane, took my # and name, called me when she sees it in her inventory, which update faster than web. It's made in France too!:yes: Haven't use it yet, b/c can't find appleguard or SM here in SA, also thinking about heat stamp(it's a free LV service), but need more info on it.
  10. Next couple of weeks, is what I heard.
  11. I got a call from my SA that a few Azur pieces arrived at the store (Valley Fair) today. You may want to call your local LV store direct.