Damier Azur thong sandals

  1. any tPFers get the azur thong samdals? ?

    are you wearing them?
    I wore mine and the roping really gave me a rope burn- this was like a month ago.

    So i finally put them on today, but only to go to Starbucks and sit with my laptop.

    but hey , I was lookin' pretty!
    Just wondering what other experiences with these sandals are, they are beautiful.
  2. I saw these at my local LV yesterday but I didn't try them on. My main concern with the Damier Azur sandals is that the rope will start to fray or pull apart. I really do wish that LV would come out with another Damier Azur shoe style (mule or sandal) that doesn't have the rope on it. I also think that the rope trim was really meant to coordiante more with the pamplona tote.