damier azur... still unisex?

  1. I was wondering this, I really liked the new line but what do you think? it will be unisex or just for her? there have been 3 damier lines right?

    damier canvas-unisex
    damier sauvage-for her (discontinued, right?)
    damier geant-unisex but most for him, IMO

    maybe the color of the damier asur will make it a little more for her but maybe they will make pieces for both, or what do you think?
  2. Azur looks like a very feminine line to me.:yes::love:
  3. Don't forget the damier vernis.

    I think it could be unisex, I really like how the ligher colorus make the damier look so much fresher.
  4. for her
  5. I hope they have some men's offerings as well, or at least unisex items like messengers. And of course the luggage can be carried by anyone. (Guys carry the MC keepalls and they look far more girly than anything in Damier Azur that I've seen) I plan on getting a cles if they make it.

    PS - Damier Sauvage isn't just for her . . . they still have men's loafers! :biggrin:
  6. I don't think I have seen very many men, if any, wearing white/light bags or white accessories. It's traditionally female, I think. The closest I can think of are some khaki messenger bags and the like.
  7. unisex in my opinion
  8. i think its on the fem side of things
  9. Damier sauvage is discontinued, correct.

    Hmmm I think damier azur is more on the feminine side but the right guy can definitely pull it off
  10. i agree! ;)
  11. hmmm im not sure...does have anyone have closer pics of it? or know the exact color???
  12. I would say it is more on the fem side.
  13. feminine
  14. I agree.
  15. It's rather feminine, but maybe the small "leather" goods are unisex.