Damier AZUR Staining? Cleaning?? HELP!

  1. Has anyone with any Azurs have problems with denim stains?? I have the Saleya Gm, and the bottom side of it (side w.o the zipper pocket) has blue stained onto it from all the different jeans i wear them with!! I took it into the store and they said they just suggest to people (appearently this is common) to use soap and water. I tried - that doesn't do anything to it. I dont have any pictures of the stains but can post if necessary. :crybaby:PLEASE HELP!

    Ps - i don't wear cheap jeans either! and the jeans i wore them with aren't brand new! Whyyyyyyy :tdown:
  2. Sorry I can't help you out with the stain removal but I'd love a damier azur pochette but I'd be so scared of it getting dirty easily:sad:
    Does anyone have this problem,and do they get dirty easily ?
    Sorry to hijack your thread but I'm just curious :lol:
  3. My Azur organizer Wallet was stained on the edges from the red lining in my Damier tote bag. My store ended up giving me a new wallet, and taking the bag back. I am so careful now, basically anything light has a chance of getting color transfer. Sorry, I know how it feels.
  4. Wow I didn't realize there was an issue with color transfer on the Azur. I have a Speedy 25. So far so good, but I haven't carried it that much since I got it...and will be extra careful from now on.
  5. The SA at the LV boutique where I looked at the Azur Speedy told me the same thing. I would try babywipes and magic eraser, not rubbing too hard with the magic eraser in particular, so you don't damage the canvas, though I think it's pretty tough.

    I haven't seen any color transfer on mine, but I have only carried it a handful of times since I got it this fall (because of the wet weather!)

  6. Thanks everyone!! i've had my bag since April so it's gone through a lot of use and paired up with a lot of jeans Lol... i'll try with the magic eraser... i might even try using a bit of oxyclean. Any other suggestions would be appreciated!! :sweatdrop:
  7. I have the Naviglio in azur and I only wear it with grey jeans as all my blue jeans stain my bag (including jeans I've had for ages and have been washed many many times!). I used babywipes but they didn't really help, and some of the canvas is already coming off on the side where the bag rubs against jeans so I am skeptical about using a an eraser in case it takes off more! Azur is a great colour but isn't as practical as I could be...

    Does spraying the bag with a protector stop with colour transfer or make it easier to get off?
  8. I have read on other threads that this can be a problem. Try not to let it too rub up on your jeans. :sad:
  9. I have an azur speedy and I do have a little bit of color transfer on the corner of the bag as well as the handle, but it is barely noticable so I don't mind. It happened when I wore a newer pair of denim jeans, I believe that is the reason why. Anytime you get a new pair of jeans, the color can transfer anywhere! I think that's why they tell you to wash your jeans before you wear them for the first time, esp if they're indigo or similar color. I've had my jeans rub on all sorts of things As far as trying to remove it...I'd try baby wipes they seem to be the most gentle...HTH!

  10. Thanks =) that's the weird thing though.. when i originally noticed the stains - i hadn't worn them with any new jeans?! I wore them with my old True Religions (the original Joey's).. so i dont get why it transfered? :crybaby: Either way, i'll try all the above suggestions... (I've tried light soap with water and baby wipes, neither work) - i need something stronger - hopefully makeup remover will do the trick.. THANKS SO MUCH!!
  11. Is it only denim transfer that does this to Azur?
  12. I'm not sure, the Azur's the only light colored LV bag i have, the rest i have are Mono or regular Damier...:crybaby:
  13. I had jean color transfers on the vachetta piping of my azur. I used a good quality clean white eraser and was able to remove all of it but the next time I carried it, it transfered again so I had to use the eraser again. As for the azur canvas part, I'm not sure... I would try make up remover wipes. I use the Commodynes one from Trader Joes.
  14. Thank you! what do you mean by a good quality clean white eraser??
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  15. ^ "Good quality" meaning it erases well. For example, some erasers I buy to erase my pencil work dont work well... it just ends up spreading my writing all over the paper leaving a gray mess all over. This is NOT the kind of eraser you want to use on your bag or anything else for that matter. You want the kind that erases the pencil work so your paper is like brand new. I use the brand "staedtler mars plastic" it is white colored and comes in a bar shape. It works really well, but the best kind you could use is of that quality but in the pencil like clicker form so you just click and more of the eraser comes out, this way it makes it easier for you to target the dirty parts of the piping (its hard to explain but I hope you know waht im talking about). Either will actually work fine.

    By "clean" I mean your eraser must not have any dirt on it already otherwise it will just spread that dirt onto your bag. Hope this all helps! =)