Damier Azur Speedy

  1. I wish they had one with the rope handles too. That would be cute IMO.


    Please don't laugh at my it's late and this is a really quick mockup picture! :roflmfao:
  2. Good Photoshop skills!

    It looks weird, IMO. If it were made, it would ruin the classic look of the Speedy!
  3. ITA :yes:. But you sure have a good photoshop skills ;)
  4. i kind of like it! Azur print is somewhat an ocean theme for me, so the rope handles actually compliments it more! Sure it's definitely not classy, but it's definitely a fun bag to carry, KWIM? But i would worry about the cleaning of handle.......
  5. I think it adorable, but def not practical. I don't want to think what the oil from you hands would do to white ropes.
  6. Cuteeee! I'd so buy that.
  7. I would actually love that!
  8. Good photoshopping!
    I like the normal vachetta handles though..
  9. a..i love it! it's so cute esp. the rope part! ^_^
  10. ITA :yes: especially the cleaning of handle part..
  11. OH, you "made" that picture.

    It looks so real.

    I thought it was a new bag coming out .... :rolleyes:
  12. That's pretty cute.
  13. Thanks guys! I love hearing everyone's different opinions. I loved it when I went on my cruise last year and for some reason Damier Azur makes me think Cruise!!!! So I like a bit of a more nautical theme to it!!!
  14. i LOVE it! it looks so sailor-y

  15. I agree, but you do have great photoshop skills!