damier azur speedy owners...

  1. hi girls...i was wondering where did you get your speedies??? i really want one :drool: but the waitlist here is loooong :sad: ...thanks!!!
  2. i think most of us from boutiques, just be patient dear
  3. Mine's from elux! I called my local LV 3rd week of November to check if they had any but the SA I spoke to said they were still taking names :rolleyes: I lucked out with elux when they had it on there! :yahoo:
  4. the sa here said 2-3 bags arrive every month..and im on the 40+ :sad:
  5. lol I keep hearing these waitlists for the azur speedy, is it THAT popular? Maybe montreal is severely fashion disorientated cuz we have em at the store
  6. I called a boutique yesterday to inquire if I should jot my name down a list and he said it's just a matter of waiting for the product to arrive...maybe they're slow in production or shipping?!?!
  7. realllyyyy?!?!?! I wonder why 866 didn't catch that cuz they said none in Canada..
  8. hi..do you know how much is it in canada??? thanks! :smile:

  9. $670 cdn + taxes
  10. oh sorry...how much is that in us dollars?? thanks!
  11. ^$570.94 w/o tax.
  12. hmmmm...thats strange....i didn't know that the azur speedy was THAT popular
  13. My boutique said they would get it this month, so I put my name on the list.
  14. thanks so much plumdressing...if only i can get my friend in canada to buy me one ;)
  15. I'm also waiting for the call that my Damier Azur Speedy arrives. In December i was on the 50+.