Damier Azur Speedy or Monogram Canvas Speedy?

  1. You guys seem to know a lot about designer bags so I thought you could help me make a decision. I am the worst decision maker ever.

    I am saving up my money to buy one of these bags. But I like them both equally. If you had to choose which one would it be? Are they both timeless? This will be my first LV bag (also my first designer bag) so I am clueless.


    Edit: Now I see that I misspelled "Azur".
  2. For your first LV, the mono would be perfect!
  3. go for mono!
  4. LOL I just bought both within the past 4 weeks...I must say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Azur 30!!! I just got the mono 30 today and have not used it yet, so I can't really be biased, hehe.
  5. I think Damier is amazing, what about getting damier Azur for summer ?
  6. I'd go for Mono 'coz I'm not a big fan of Azur w/ patina.

    If Damier Speedy (Ebony) was one of your choices, then I'd definitely go for Damier.
  7. For your first, go with mono!!
  8. Since it's your first LV bag I would say go for the mono, it's a classic!
  9. I have a mono right now, and then I'll eventually get a azur, the mono is so classic! :smile:
  10. I like both. I have the mono and I just purchased the azur today. I just have to go pick it up this weekend from NM.
  11. I'd get the Mono first and the Azur later on.

    I edited Azur for you in your title. ;)
  12. Mono. Azur is gorgeous though too. Ok I am no help. I love both.
  13. ITA with the others on this thread...Mono, then Azur!!
  14. i'd get the mono first then the azur later on
  15. I too, would get the Mono Speedy first. I LOVE Monogram.. that's probably why. I just got a Damier Speedy a few weeks ago, and I love it too. It's a more discreet LV bag. Go for the more discreet later.. ;) Happy Holidays!