damier azur speedy or damier canvas speedy?

  1. as my first LV bag to be it is now between damier azur or damier canvas both speedy 25. can you ladies help me which of the 2 is more an everyday/all year round bag, more versatile and why? if only there is mini lin 25...too bad 30 is just too big for me.

    thanks in advance.
  2. azur is pretty too but I think damier is more versatile, everyday/all yr round bag IMO. easier to match and no vachetta to worry about :smile:
  3. I vote damier canvas 25 for your first LV bag. Damier canvas matches w/ all my outfits jeans, tees, formal tops to cocktail dresses. The damier azur is nice too, but it seems a little too high maintenance, it's not a bag to carry in bad weather. So damier canvas gets my vote for your first LV purchase and best year round bag!
  4. I have the azur. Get that one. It is newer and hotter!

    I also have the damier Illovo. That is my "year round" damier.

    Best to you! :tender:
  5. ahh so hard to choose. the azur really caught my eye it is just so pretty...damier canvar is more elegant and yes more versatile.

    is damier still popular? isnt the design too oldish now?
  6. i was debating about this issue a while ago! although the azur is GORGEOUS, i decided to go with the regular damier since it's so worry free :smile:
  7. I would get the damier canvas first because it's low maintenance. They're both beautiful, so I'll bet you'll end up with the azur one too (especially if you stay on this board)!
  8. nah I don't think damier will ever go out of style
    it's a classic, just like mono :yes:
  9. although I love the azur, I am just not a big fan of the whole patina thing and would worry terribly about water spots, stains etc. I think the ebene is definitely a little more worry free than the azur. I would probably go for the ebene and maybe something else azur later.
  10. I don't thik damier canvas is old, it's more traditional like the mono line. I think azur is a newer, hotter line and anything that's new gets more attention. I would still stick w/ damier canvas and get something from the azur line like a pochette so you have both to enjoy. I just worry about getting my bag dirty that's why I choose damier canvas. :smile:
  11. i would say damier canvas if this is ur first bag! you can throw it around everyday and won't do any harm to it!
  12. I all depends on if you want to put more or less care into your bag. If you don't mind dealing with the vachetta I say the azur all the way. It's so hard because I love both these bags. But if you want something a little more worry free I would go with the damier.

    And as to the damier I don't think it's oldish, i'm 20 and plan on getting it soon. I got the azur first and I just love it so i'm going to get the damier in addition. They are both great bags! Good Luck.
  13. I vote for the Damier Canvas. I just got this in the 30 and LOVE it! I would be worried I'd get the Azur dirty.
  14. damier is more fall/winter, and azur more spring/summer. maybe your climate can help you decide?
  15. Damier speedy would be the best for every day use.