Damier Azur speedy handles

  1. Does any one elses damier azur speedy leather handles turn a grayish color? :hrmm:
  2. ummm no. thats wierd:confused1:
  3. I guess I'm just looking at it too closely..from far away it just looks a bit darker than the rest of the handle.
  4. Mine are not - they are getting a nice patina, but it's definitely more of a honey color...
  5. Maybe your hands were dirty and it rubbed off onto the bag!
  6. yea, it sounds like you may have had something on your hands...i have never seen that happen or even heard of it happening! :confused1: good luck getting it off...try baby wipes maybe?
  7. Did you protect your vachetta? G/L w/ cleaning the handles.
  8. i have but i think it may have rubbed off from my sweater...but it is silver.