damier azur speedy 35 or mono speedy 35?!

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  1. i love both! but have wanted the damier azur for longer but now im leaning towards the mono, i like them both but can't decide haha! :biggrin:
    also i'm not sure how i'll like the azur with patina?!
  2. I think you should eventually own both but think about if you would like to use Azur all year. I would use Azur all year but some people don't like that. I vote to get the Mono first since it is such a classic and must have imo and get the Azur down the road.
  3. I feel like the mono is more practical.
  4. mono - classic + vachetta will look good for sure!
  5. Mono Speedy 35!
  6. mono 35
  7. Mono Speedy ;)
  8. I say azur, but I'm biased cause I have one!
  9. Mono! That's the next on my shopping list...I consider it the LV "must have." :smile:
  10. I have and love both..but if I had too choose just one..it would be the Mono :smile:
  11. mono for me :smile:
  12. mono :smile:
  13. I also have both but I would go with the mono first
  14. Mono
  15. go for mono if this is your 1st LV