Damier Azur Speedy 30 Or Ivory Epi Speedy 25???

  1. I want a white bag, which is your favorite?
    I am leaning on the ivory epi 30 speedy b/c I love epi!!!!!!!
    I want a speedy and already have damier 30 speedy and epi black 30 speedy.
    I''m sorry if you guys think thats a bit much, but I love the style and classic style. Help. I think i want the epi 25 in white b/c i want a smaller bag for summer . Epi's are bigger in my opionon that the monogram .
  2. Is the Ivory out yet? I would love to see a picture of it.
  3. Hmm... I would get a Damier Azur Speedy.
  4. not silly at all, if you love this style.
    i like both the damier azur and the ivory epi.
    if i had to choose, i'd pick the damier azur...
  5. No spendingmore, they will be coming out in the summer.
    I am on waitlist for damier so if it comes first -i may decide on it.
  6. is the ivory epi in the summer? i thought my sa told me april, but i could be wrong....:graucho: i get confused when all these new bags are coming out!
  7. Damier Azur Speedy :love:
  8. The damier azur speedy is beautiful! I love the speedy..so classic!
  9. I love both, sorry... lol tough desicion.
  10. Azur !!
  11. I'm voting for the Ivory epi. I am dreaming about it myself and can't wait to see it. :p
  12. you can never have too many speedies, i wouldget everyone they made if i could! i feel like the azur might be easier to care for and i love that anyways! hmm get both!
  13. Someone posted a while back that her vanilla epi peeled off. I had been wanting the new ivory epi, but when I heard that I was like,:confused1: :confused1: , certainly that would have to be a defective bag that she didn't return...

    I would love the ivory epi... but, the azure too, now that is one tough decision, my original wish list was azure speedy 25 and ivory soufflot, but blew that....

    I don't think you can go wrong with either one, the ivory epi speedy 25 would be gorgeous too!

    Keep us posted:shrugs:
  14. I dunno but I get AZUR speedy first and then planning to get Epi speedy next time. Every time I see the AZUR I think it's so cute.
  15. Is Azur part of limited edition? If so, I'd get the Azur. I think the Ivory epi will be around for a while.

    But if you only want to get one, I'd go with ivory epi. I always love epi more than any other material