damier AZUR speedy 30..OPINIONS PLEASE

  1. HEY EVERYONE! i am planning to buy my first LV and i love the azur speedy 30...the only thing that is stopping me..is the patina/vachetta..or the handles LOL do you all think this purse will still be nice AFTER THE HANDLES BECOME DARKER!??!!? i like it light and i dont want it to become brown..wat are ur opinions? thanks
  2. I have this same question too becuase of the cleaness of the pattern
  3. Someone photoshopped an Azur Speedy with patina, try doing a search. I think it will look okay and if it really bothers you later down the line you can always replace the handles and piping.
  4. It'll be fine. Patina is a natural process which can't be stopped. Just keep your hands clean and don't set the bag on strange things.
  5. I think it'll look good w/ patina!
  6. cool thanks guys! i searched it and i found the threads! i was wondering, how much is it to replace the handles?
  7. My opinion is... that I love this darn bag! lol I want one ever so badly! But I got the bv, love that bag way way a lot so I have no regrets there, but I could only get one and thus I must wait until next spring to get my azur 30. I think it will look good w/ a light patina. I don't think a bag will get dark, like caramel colored dark if you take good care of it, spray a waterproofing/protector spray on it and don't weather beat it and make sure your hands are clean when handling it and you'll be fine. I've seen speedies that are over 10yrs old w/ light honey patina which I think is ideal and makes a bag look more 'real', and I've seen bags that are only 3 yrs old w/ yucky yuck patina, it's all in the care. I say get it and enjoy it but take care of it is all!
  8. Moisturizer and hand lotion are also known to darken handles. Just make sure your hands are DRY when you touch the handles and it will be ok.
  9. If I'm not mistaken... it's around $100 to replace handles?

    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. ;)
  10. so basically, as long as my hands arent dirty and i dont get it wet..it will be okay? lol i dont like wearing my nice purses in the rain anyway
  11. ^It's around $135 to have the handles and the chads (sp?) replaced, from Charleston mom's thread waaay before :yes: A pretty good deal IMO!
  12. yep, that would be my advice.:yes:
    and practice holding it between your knees so when you're in the restroom you'll know how to act like a pro.:graucho:
  13. I love the Azur...but the handles..need to be cared a lot.