Damier Azur speedy 30 available in E Lux!

  1. Just want to spread the word: E lux still have Damier Azur speedy 30 in inventory NOW if you ask nicely in Live Chat. I chatted w/Lorriane about 2 min ago, and she said sometimes the inventory updates faster than what Tech can keep up w/E lux web image. She is the sweetest Live rep., she even take me # to call when Azur 25 pops in inventory syst!

    Free s&h is GOLD the last time i heard, but ******'s 4% rebate can't applied since you order w/Live Chat not E Lux website. Have Fun!!! Post pix when u get it!
  2. Thanks to pupsterpurse's post, i am going to go NM now to c if speedy 25 can look half as good as her on me :smile:, just 2 c how the size look on me because they r out of Azur speedy ><

  3. Awww, thank you!:heart:
    I bet the 25 will look gorgeous on you!:yes:
  4. Good update :smile:
  5. Thanks for the update:smile:
  6. wow, thanks for posting this. i've been thinking of purchasing an azur speedy as an x-mas gift. :smile:
  7. thanks for letting us know about this :yes:
  8. thanks for sharing!! must.. keep.. resisting...
  9. That's how I got my 25! I really wanted to return the 30, and he said they just got in 25s earlier and I said I'll take it!!!

    If you ask nicely, you can even get free shipping too.. because I did that twice already!! :biggrin:
  10. i don't see anything on the website? do i have to call and talk to the SA?
  11. If it's a hot item like this, they usually sell it b4 the web tech get to update the pix on the site. i used the Live Chat function this afternoon, not sure if there's someone answer the # 24/7? but she did said to check in the morning for updates, as far as shipments, the rep said they receive new products on daily basis, so it's hard to know when the LV shipment arrive since there's so many other products need to be update in the syst.