Damier Azur Speedy 30 0r Hampstead Azur Mm??

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  1. hi guys and girls!!! I need ur help urgently!!! I already ordered a speedy in azur and it's coming on friday... BUT I'm seriously falling for the hampstead MM in azur... it's just so beautiful and it's shoulder held... BUT double the price :S ... I dont really like hand held bags.. I have a speedy mono 25 and sometimes it's annoying carrying it around... both are really really nice... I really don't know what to do! then I think... shoulder held would be perfect when I have kids etc.. but speedy... I can get 2 speedys for the price of one hampstead!!! HELPPPPPP i'm going crazy :sad:
  2. I'm loving the Hampstead MM in azur!
  3. Both are great bags, but someone posted here awhile ago, that the azur hamstead vachetta leather was easy to mark up if you are wearing jeans. It has more vachetta on it. This might be something to think about!

    Good luck with your decision! :tup:
  4. Speedy!
  5. Hi! I, too, am a shoulder bag girl. (I have a 5 y/o and another one on the way so having my hands free is a plus!) I love the damier azur and just bought the Hampstead Azur MM on Sat at Saks' purse promo event. It's so beautiful! IMHO, if you really love the azur, I would not settle for the speedy, especially if you find that it's annoying to carry handheld bags.
  6. I love my Azur Speedy and I think the Hampstead Azur is a beauty as well although the vachetta corners scare me..
    You seemed annoyed from your Mono Speedy already because it's handheld..so just go for the Hampstead since it's a shoulder bag,I know it's more pricy..but what's the point of getting another Speedy..if your not loving it!
  7. I say Speedy 30-- you only have one Speedy, a 25, and I am a big advocate of lots of Speedys! You could get two! But the Hampstead is very pretty. If you can stomach the price and need a shoulder bag then get that one.
  8. Speedy !
  9. Are you looking for a handbag or shoulder bag?
  10. speedy.. I love azur speedy.
  11. I could really wear both, but I shoulder bag is more comfortable..
  12. I could really wear both, but I shoulder bag is more comfortable..
  13. Thank u all for ur replies!! :smile: I think i'm gonna wait till I get it on friday and then decide... If I don't like it then I'll change it... I will keep u all posted and tell u what my desicion was... Thank u everyone for ur help :smile:
  14. Hampstead! More practical and I love the way it looks!
  15. ok! two bags are beautiful! However, I think you should choose speedy damier azur because it doens't have have many vanchettas on the bag....The hamstead damier azur is really beautifully but you shouldn't choose that because the vanchetta is a lot and it's easy to get dirty.....If you still like hamstead better than speedy, you may want to think about damier ebony one^^. It's also beautiful, classic and you can avoid getting dirty .....Just my opinion