Damier Azur Speedy 25 or 30

  1. im 5'6" and 125 lbs. I love my mono speedy 30 but idk it seemed a bit much in the damier azur. i tried looking for pics with ppl modeling these bags but i guess they are far and few between. if anyone has some please post!

    im also gonna get the pochette for spring!
  2. i am 5'7" 120#, and i got the 30. Not only the opening is much bigger, but i also like the proportion better, 25's handle seems a big too big on it's body, reminds bf and i those wobbly head figure. But it really depends on you in the end, if you do a search, there's tons of thread about 25 vs 30 and Azur speedy as well. good luck!
  3. im 5'6 and 108 lbs. and I just got the speedy 25 in regular damier and i felt the 30 was too casual and couldnt be used as much ...I felt like I could dress up or dress down the 25, but not the 30
  4. AHHHH i tried looking but theres like a million pages. and no one is wearing their bag!!!!

    initially i thought the 30 was too big in this pattern but i love my mono 30 SOOO MUCH! idk
  5. I like the 30 because it has bigger opening.
  6. well i just looked in the mirror with my speedy 30....

    i think i am gonna go with the Damier Azur Speedy 25
    and get the regular Damier Speedy 30
  7. 30 for sure!!!!!
  8. Good thinking! :yes:
  9. I think this particularly Speedy is cuter in the 25, mostly because of the more feminine colors in it.
  10. Visual Aids *PHOTOS ONLY, PLEASE* (Start from page20 to the end)

    Browsing this thread, you will find someone posting for Azur speedy 25/30.
    IMO I like speedy 25 for both Azur or Damier and 30 for Mono.
  11. i'm little ... just a little over 5'2'' and about 115 lbs... anything bigger than a speedy 25 would probably look too big on my frame. i have yet to see a person my size with even a 25...
  12. wow, lucky you get to have Damier 30 AND Azur 25, now that's a happy ending!
    OT-John, love ur new avatar!
  13. i'm 5'4" and i have the 30, and i'm totally in :love: with it..
  14. I agree, the proportion is much better on a 30:yes: