Damier Azur Speedy - 25 or 30?

  1. Hi everyone!!!

    This forum is great :yahoo: You girls seems to know a lot about LV so I am going to ask for your suggestions!

    I'm thinking of getting the Damier Azur Speedy, but I'm not sure which size to get! Should I get the 25 or 30? Which one has been more popular so far?

    I already have the Mini Lin Speedy, so I'm really not sure which size in the Damier Azur to get.

    If you were me, which one would you choose???

  2. Im guessing the 30 is more popular but I vote the 25 because I think the damier looks better in the smaller size. GL!
  3. 30 for sure..the 25 is just really small for most people IMO.
  4. oh i really like the mini lin speedy esp the white one!
    id definitely go for the speedy 30! itll be the same size as your mini lin. i have the monogram speedy 25 and i look better in my damier speedy 30 because im tall and not skinny lol! also you can put more stuff in it!
    good luck! :cutesy:
  5. well depends on how tall are you...if you are more than 5'2, 30 would be great I think. but if you shorter than that, 25 would be better ;)
  6. Thanks so much girls... I'm actually 5'6 so I guess the 30 will look better on me!!!

    How much can the 25 hold as compared to the 30?
  7. awh i may be the only one voting for 25, i have an azur speedy 25 and i think the print looks cuter in the smaller size.
  8. I have a mono speedy 25 and really wish I have a 30 now. I'm 5'4" so I can carry both off pretty well.

    I looked at the 25 and 30 side by side in the boutique in Boca (Town Center), and there really is a big difference between the two. Meaning, the 30 is bigger than you might expect! Be sure to try them both on if at all possible.

    Either way, enjoy your choice!!
  9. I like speedy 25
  10. I had a play with the 2 sizes about a week ago, I must say that both are great... the 25 is so cute, but the 30 is more practical!!!

    Such a tough decision... is it silly having both??? :sneaky:
  11. 30! But really depends on personal perference, height, and weight.
  12. I vote for 30:heart:
  13. I'm a "big bag" gal and 5' 7" so I would go for the Speedy 30. :yes:
  14. In the damier azure, I like the 25 better. I just think in the checkboard design it's cuter. While I don't mind the sag in my mono 30 (and I have a mono 25 too), I have a 25 in the Damier - it just don't like the sag as well in the checkerboard somehow. The Azur is cuter in the 25.
  15. Well, 30 is big and 25 is not small. 25 could hold more than you ever imagine ;)