Damier Azur Speedy 25 on ELuxury

  1. I happend to check the new arrivals section for lv this afternoon on eluxury, and voila, the azur speedy 25 happend to be in stock! Of course I rush to order it. I just checked back & they no longer have any in stock--which I expected. But I'm afraid that my order might get cancelled or what not, if their website wasnt updated when I placed my order. I havent gotten a confirmation email or anything. And of course, with my luck, their customer service already closed so I can't call to check. Anyone have any idea?
  2. I hope your order wasn't cancelled. good luck

    I was going to order it too but I decided to wait b/c I want it more for the spring/summer.
  3. good luck!! I hope you get this beauty!
  4. I hope so too. I'm just kinda iffy about it because I never received a confirmation email. It doesnt seem like theyre usually that slow with the confirmation emails? Maybe I'm just too anxious right now!
  5. Hope you got it! Good luck!
  6. I LOVE that bag. I hope you get it! If you do, post pics!
  7. Good luck, I hope you get it!
  8. i hope you get it
  9. I hope you get it too- I ordered something once and never got a confirmation email- a day or so later I received an e-mail telling me the item was back ordered and they would continue to update me on the order status. I never received any more e-mails the the order never showed up on my eluxury info.
  10. I ordered one yesterday around 9AM and I still haven't received a confirmation email from eLux either. I hoping I'll get it.
  11. I just called eluxury .... the purse was out of stock when i placed my order & they didnt update the website fast enough .... im soooo sad & angry at the same time! I guess i shouldnt have given myself any false hope :sad:
  12. oh no! i am so sorry for that!

    i'll keep my eyes open too!
    I am checking the site every other morning before work, i will keep your speedy in mind too!
  13. I better call now as well. I ordered this yesterday at 9 AM. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  14. I just called and my order was cancelled as well :mad: :cry: The eLux rep is going to call me when they're back online though, hopefully in another week.
  15. I thought it was weird yesterday that the speedy was on there almost all day! Hopefully they will be back in stock soon, such a pretty bag....cant wait to use mine.