Damier Azur Speedies on ELUX!

  1. Hurry up and get them, they're on!:yahoo:
  2. yup, speedy 25 and 30! hurry and buy now, free shipping with GOLD promo code. :P
  3. Thanks for the head-up!
  4. Don't forget ****** either! :biggrin:
  5. They only have the 25 left and I think that's the one in my shopping bag.
  6. both speedy 25 and 30 are back up again! hurry before they're gone! :yahoo:
  7. I missed it again, now both are gone, too bad.
  8. They seem to keep popping back up and disappearing, just keep checking back :yes:
  9. Augh they have the 25's too? Bah!
  10. Yup, they called me around 8 AM CNT when it first pop on E lux. I rushed to computer and sure enough, i got the Azur Speedy 30 & Framboise inclusion keychain ^^.
    PS. they have Vernis Agenda Small Ring in Red too!
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