Damier Azur Special Order!

  1. Well, a boy can dream . . . I mocked this up in Photoshop. I think it would be a fierce summer bag . . .
  2. ITA! :yes: I would definitely buy that bag if it was real!:heart:
  3. That's hot !

    And who knows, maybe Vuitton can make your dreams come true. ;)
  4. that's pretty cool!!
  5. Nice :smile:
    Too bad the Azur is a limited edition thing...I'd like to see this one stick around.
  6. Lvbabydoll -

    It's a permanent collection, and I read that SOs are available (at least for trunks and hatboxes) so someday I should be able to do the SO. :smile:
  7. That's cool looking bag.
  8. Wow. I wish!
  9. According to this sheet, it's permanent line..I really hope it is..
    Remember when MC first came our, most SA said it's limited but turned out to be parmanent.

  10. Yeah me too. My SA had told me about a week ago that it was limited release but who knows.
    We shall see ;)
  11. That is so cute! I love it already!
  12. Okay... ummm bagsnbags? I :heart: u. ;)

    Now that I look at that sheet again.. I'm DEF getting a Keepall 50 from that line... :biggrin:
  13. Great photoshop skills, I really like that bag you created!
  14. Wow, that is a beautiful bag! Hopefully they'll eventually be able to SO it for you.
  15. That looks amazing. Order me one too!