Damier Azur sizing--bigger than normal?

  1. woah! it does look bigger than the 25!! That could be because the sides of the mono speedy 25 is collapsed in and the damier isn't?
  2. Hmm maybe. it just really seems to be able to eat the poor mono lol.
  3. i think the lighter color could also be adding to how the size looks!
  4. Nita(BagsnBags) explained that they were the same size. And that she stuffed her Azur and the Mono Speedy was was soften from being worn alot. Picture is a deception to the viewers eyes.
  5. The basis of LVs sizing system in 30 = 30 cm long ect. But they have been slight variations like the MC speedy being bigger than a 30. KWIM?
  6. i think maybe the mono is slouched a little thats why it looks smaller! :yes:
  7. Yeah I knew that. Like the Epi sizes are a little biger than the regular monos.
  8. Ah! Didn't see that. Thanks!