Damier (azur) SALEYA GM!!!!!!

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  1. PLEASE HELP!!!! I would really appreciate it if someone could model the Saleya GM (if you have it) and it doesn't matter if it's the regular Damier or Damier azur. I just need a quick glance at the size! I've searched the visual aids and the damier/azur clubs and none had any modelling pix, so PLEASE HELP! I'm going to the store tomorrow in the morning, so ya....need it by then! lol Thanks in advance!:biggrin:

  2. Here's mine...
  3. WOW, that is a BIG bag!! Nice pic pinki!! :biggrin:
  4. Soooo nice pinki :biggrin:
  5. ^Thanks, Karman...:blush:
    ^Thanks, Kiss Me Deadly...:blush:
  6. LOVE it!!:love:
  7. pinki- nice:yes: I've been trying to decide on which azur- a speedy or saleya- yours looks great on you
  8. Just in case anybody is interested in the bag... I'm 5'2'' and wear a size 6. I'm pretty heavy too about 150-165 because of my bone structure.
  9. Wow what a great bag, it looks great on you.
  10. Thanks for the pic, pinki! I've been wondering about the Saleya GM myself. I just bought the Damier Saleya MM and it wasn't as big as I thought it'd be. I was thinking about getting the Saleya GM in Damier Azur.

    BTW ... love your Nohohon pic :yes: !
  11. It's bigger than I thought it would be.
  12. Yes... Aren't they the cutest?
  13. Pfft to me weight is just a number, it's not like anyone can tell (you look good!)!
    When I weighed 165 lbs people estimated that I was 135lbs!!!
  14. Karman, I don't think you were ever heavy, grrl. :p You look waay petite and so glamorous when you're dressed up! :love:
  15. Nice picture! Looks great!