Damier Azur & Rose Ballerine Wallet: Please help me decide!

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  1. #1 Jul 13, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2016
    Hi there, all my fellow LV lovers,
    I need your help in making up my mind. I really love the combination of DA and RB, so I bought myself a NF in these colours. Then I wanted to buy a matching purse and was too afraid of getting one in DA as it might get dirty easily, so I chose a DKNY one in light pink instead - it's just not the same at all and doesn't make my heart sing.... So now I want to get THE REAL THING :smile:
    However, I'm indecisive as to go for an Emilie or the Clemence... And the nearest boutique is 2 hours drive away and they don't have the DA Emilie right now. I watched YT videos and looked at pictures, but as I don't have either model in another print, I was hoping for your help now. I already have a Monogram Sarah and a ZCP in Vernis (Cherise), but I definitely NEED an DA one in RB now. Please give me your thoughts which of these beauties I should go for.
  2. Have you thought of the Felicie in DA? It can function as either a small purse or a wallet for an NF
  3. The emilie only has 4 card slots, so I would get the clemence if you have many cards (unless you want to use a separate SLG/card holder). I have seen some pictures of the emilie where the colour on the button has chipped off, but I don't actually own this wallet so I can't say for sure how well it wears
  4. I really love that cutie, but it to me that's more a real bag than a wallet. Actually I chose between the Felicie and the Neverfull when I bought my last bag - I finally decided on the DA NF with RB lining Still, it's a gorgeous little bag!
  5. Thanks for your input! That's what I thought about, too. And I'm not the type of wearing card holders (yet )... Usually I don't carry many cards, but 4 isn't much at all.
    I own a 6 Ring Keyholder in Monogram Fuchsia and have already experienced a little colour transfer on the button as I wasn't careful enough putting it in a dark non LV bag It's not bad, but since then I'm much more careful.
  6. I own a Clemence and the Emilie RB DA. I like the Emilie for it's flap and button closure. You can fit more cards in the pocket behind the middle compartment. My button still looks brand new. I don't really love the zipper on my Clemence, but it has more card slots. I like them both, I think it depends on if you like the zipper more or the button closure.
  7. Some adore the Emilie and then there's the ones who have the problems with it. I have the Clemence but it's in the magenta vernis and I LOVE IT!!! The one and only issue I have is even all the way unzipped sometimes trying to get a card out, the lip of the zipper is a tad bit in the way. But, I'd buy it again and again because it holds so much without being bulky like a regular size Sarah or Zippy.
  8. Agree with everything. I don't have the Emilie but would buy Clemence again. It can be tight getting cards out but I appreciate the zipper & how much it holds. I have the mono RB and LOVE seeing the beautiful interior when I unzip!
  9. I have both the Emilie (2 of them actually) and the Clemence and you really can't go wrong with either style, it just depends on your lifestyle needs and whether you would prefer a zipper or button closure. I would buy
    The Emilie is a classic long wallet that has 4 CC slots on the front for easy access, a zippered coin compartment directly behind, and then 2 generous compartments divided by a piece of coloured leather. This is where you can store additional cards, notes, receipts, etc. At the very back of the wallet is a 3rd smaller snug compartment (between the canvas and leather backing) that can hold very valuable cards or even notes if you want to hide them a bit better. This wallet can easily hold an iPhone 5S with a case (if the wallet is more empty/no excessive crap) or a 6 without. Overall this design is better suited to those who don't carry a lot of cards and instead prefer actual notes and coins or have a tendency to hold onto a lot of receipts. Weaknesses include the front button (the colour has been know to peel off or scratch over time/use), few CC slots, and the top folding piece of canvas can crack over time from natural wear and tear (think of a metal coat hanger that is bent back and forth repeatedly until it finally gives).
    The Clemence is another long wallet lengthwise but, unlike the Emilie, it's a bit shorter in terms of height. Inside there are 8 CC slots (4 on either side), 2 snug compartments (one on either side and directly behind the card slots), and 2 more generous compartments divided by a zippered coin pouch in the middle. This wallet can also hold an iPhone 5S with a case (if the wallet is more empty) or a 6 without. Overall this design is better suited to those who prefer to carry more cards and less bills/coins or receipts and prefer the added security of a zipper. Weaknesses include the leather tabs on the zipper pull (some women find that they can look worn out easily, especially if that's what they grab to open and close the wallet as opposed to the actual hardware, although LV can do a quick repair in-store most of the time) and that the wallet can start to bulge if there's too many coins or notes/receipts inside. On the upside the design makes it very resistant to canvas fatigue and the resulting cracking.
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  10. The Emilie has more slots behind! I LOVE mine! I have DA too..I have had it several years :smile:
  11. Oh I see, personally I like to have more actual card slots, not just pockets but it's just preference of course, how many cards you need/use etc
  12. What size NF did you get?
  13. Thanks for your answer. Yes, I wish I simply knew which of them fits better to my life style I had both types of wallets (non LV) and like them both! I didn't think about the additional compartments as card slots. Great point!
  14. Wow, that must be an adorable combo
    Sounds like the Clemence is less prone to issues then.
  15. Thanks a lot for your detailed answer! That helped a lot and you mentioned soooo many perfect reasons for either wallet!
    I'm actually quite afraid of the cracking canvas problem. That could be the reason why, although I love love love the Emilie, I would feel a little safer with the Clemence. But this pink little button on the Emilie is sooo cute!
    I think I'll read your and all the other wonderful answers again and again, sleep on it and try to finally make up my mind as this question is bothering me for a while now I loved your statement that I can't go wrong with either one.