Damier Azur Ribera Mini???

  1. Saw one from afar today, but thinking it was fake, since I don't think this bag exists. Nonetheless, it made me think how CUTE a damier azur ribera mini would be!!! :love:

    If ever they make one, I'm getting it for sure!!!! :nuts:

    Do you think they'll ever make one ladies??? Maybe a SO??? :graucho:
  2. dunno... Maybe you could SO a mini Riberia in Azur at the end of this year. Since the Azur is too new to be used for SO items right now.
  3. OK this is scary...an Azur fake so fast!!!! But you have to hand it in to the counterfeit folks....they sure have imagination!
  4. ^ LOL...my thoughts exactly!!!!! :roflmfao:

  5. haha! they make the uglyest bags EVER!
  6. A mini azur would be adorable. heck I still want the Damier version!!! :smile:
  7. depending on how my azur speedy patinas this is something i would consider. i think this bag is freaking adorable as it is and wanted to SO it in mono because the photo i saw of it looked SO CUTE. the thought of an azur mini ribera did cross my mind a few months back and asked an 866 rep if i could special order it and she told me to check back in 6 months. think i will ask when i am in nyc in a couple weeks. but this is something i would buy.
  8. oh, azur fakes have been out practically since the line was launched, or just shortly after... same with fake miroirs. i guess nothing slows counterfeiters down...

    but anyway, a think an azur ribera mini would be so cute!
  9. Ribera mini in Azur, wow, that would be so sweettttttttttt =))
  10. WOW! What a great idea! I hope LV does come up with this bag in Azur...so cute!
  11. I have the damier ribera mini and if they ever make one in azur, that'll be soooo cute!! :nuts:
  12. That would be cute..but gosh the fakers work fast :push:
  13. I'd like to have an Azur Ribera... or a Papillon :love: That would be too cute.
  14. that would be so cute :love:
  15. oh that would be so cute don't you have to wait about 2 years before you can special order so I think that would be somewhere around oct 2008 unless they release it first fingers crossed