Damier Azur Reveal!

Apr 30, 2015
Hello everyone. I have been looking for what seems like an age for the perfect small bag and wallet to compliment my favourite (but not at all fashionable) mummy bag which is my deuter rucksack. Nothing seemed to work including a Bloomsbury, a speedy b 25 or a pochette. So today I bit the bullet and bought the mini pochette and key pouch in probably my most favourite print damier azur. It holds my essentials perfectly. I was very scared that it might get marked etc however it made me smile when they brought it out and I just thought no... I am going to go for it! To make it even better when I showed my husband (who is very supportive over my handbag obsession!!) he said he loved it as it reminded him of our first holiday to France together 16 years ago when there was damier azur all over the beach!! Really couldn't be happier... As always thanks for letting me share. :smile:



Jan 8, 2015
Congratulations! Those 2 are my most used pieces (different print). You will get so much use out of them. Enjoy in good health!