Damier Azur Question

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  1. I appologize in advance for the question, I am not an expert by any means and my obsession with LV just began. I just purchased my first Mono Speedy 30 online yesterday (very excited) and should recieve it in a few days. :yahoo:I got Mono because I figured that my first LV purchase should be Mono Speedy - true classic. However, I REALLY love the Damier Azur Speedy and that is going to be my second bag. Since I would have to wait for a few months to safe some money for this purchase, I was wondering if it will still be available? I sure don't want to miss it.

    Again, I am sorry for the question as it may seem silly for many of you.

  2. You don't have to worry.. azur speedy is part of the permanent collection!
    Congrats on your first LV!!!
  3. Oh, what a relieve!!! Thank you!:biggrin:

    The reason I asked was because I heard from someone that it was discontinued in 2008 and started again in a year or so. Is that true?
  4. YAY!! Congrats on your new bag...you will LVoe her.....yes azur speedys are a permanent addition so no worries...
  5. first of all congrats on your mono...and I love my azur, absolutely love it...you will too when the time is right !!! :woohoo:
  6. Thank you ladies!:heart: Azur was the reason I fell in love with Louis Vuitton. The first time I saw it - that was it, I was sold. LOL. My poor husband, he can't even imagine what is ahead of him. :nuts:
  7. Defo a permanent!
  8. My DH has finally just given up :P...You stared out with a Fabulous one the mono and oh yes azur it is AMAZING also ...be sure to show her off when you get her so we can drool :drool: I have not heard that about the azur but I do know it is a HUGE seller so I do not see them letting it go for qute a while
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    Oh, I am so excited!!! Without a doubt, I will show her off as soon as she arrives.:cloud9:
  10. damier azur will ALWAYS be available=)
    you'll love azur! its my favorite speedy!
  11. Congrats on your first LV...Welcome to the insanity!! :P

    I was told that the Azur is permanent, so you should be safe. I love my Saleya MM in Azur. And I know that some people only use the Azur during the Spring/Summer, but I use mine all year. It looks FAB with winter white clothing and accessories (hat, gloves, scarf or boots).

  12. Your fine! And it's not silly at all! :biggrin::biggrin: Congrats on your very first LV!
  13. i totally agree with you. the azur neverfull was my first LV and i can't wait to buy my second one....im planning to buy the azur speedy too!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  14. ur lucky that u have time :smile:
    congragulations on your first purchase!
  15. Congrats on your 1st LV! The Mono Speedy is a great 1st bag!