damier azur pochette

  1. I am thinking about buying this, just because. I have the mono pochette already and think it's a great accesory. Does anyone have more than one pochette and use them both? I am afraid that i'll buy the azur and end up not using one or the other.
  2. Sure do. I have two pochettes (azur and cerises). The azur is used more often, but I just love having the other one because it's so cute. I do find reasons to use them both.
  3. i have an azur pochette and i loveee it :] its so cutee

    get it :]
  4. i have 3 pochettes: classic monogram, azur and epi in black (and all have matching cles). i use the one that matches my outfit. ;)
  5. I have 3 pochettes and 1 mini pochette!! Cerises, Mono, Sophie! Rotating them every weekend! They are great bags for weekends! :biggrin:
  6. the azur pochette is beautiful! you can match your outfit with it!
  7. I want it soooo badly! They're too cute. Still trying to decide between Azur, Mono and Multicolore... (I know I'm gonna want them all, but the question is, which one first ;))
  8. I have 2. A mono and a black epi. I use both every single day inside my purse. I love them both. I really want a 3rd one.
  9. I have the Azur one - love it - it's the perfect going out bag since it fits just what you need and for the most part stays under my arm - so I can protect it from drunks spilling on it in the bars! But if you have one you already know that...Get it!
  10. OMG... I have 8 pochettes and I use them all!!
  11. I love pochettes. Can use them in your bag all the time. I've been dying for the Azur one. Get it!
  12. why not? it's like having multiple speedies and we KNOW lots of tPFers have mult speedies ;)