damier azur pochette or gucci hobo???

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  1. hi girls...dont know if this is the right place to ask...but i'm really confused...which one would you choose???

    i like the pochette but it can only hold so much...the gucci hobo has white trimming and i want a white bag for now...but i really like the pochette also...thanks so much in advance :smile:
  2. i stick with lv, but its different bag, hobo is bigger in term of size, cant be compare to pochette ... rite?
  3. yes they are different...the problem is i can only get one this christmas :smile:
  4. Azur, I love it. But if you are deciding on the Gucci Horsebit hobo.. then go for that because its gorgeous!!!

    Do you know exactly which Gucci hobo?
  5. Hmm... well you are asking this question in an LV forum, so mainly all votes will go for the LV DA Pochette. ;)

    Go for the Pochette!!! :biggrin:

  6. :yes: ;) :idea:
  7. Hmm....I love damier pochette..bias anyway cos I got one. Not really big fan of hobo style for any kind of bag. D. AZUR pochette is my vote
  8. the gucci hobo is just the simple one with white trimming :amuse: i think ill be getting the pochette :yahoo: thanks you guys :smile:
  9. Niiiice ! :yes:
  10. woohhoooo@ yay for pochette! love it! It actually fits more than you would think! I was surprised at how much I could fit in mine! :smile:
  11. the key is "space" u needed to put ur stuff

  12. ;) cool..:yahoo:
  13. I vote for the Gucci hobo...I LOVE the brown mono with white leather combo!!!
  14. Oh I love the Azur one, so I will choose that one!
  15. good choice!