Damier Azur Pochette Milla MM

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  1. [​IMG]

    What do you guys think about this pochette? I like how it has the gold chain instead of the vachetta strap and that gold plate is pretty, but it does seem a bit thin... I wonder how much this can hold? It looks like it would make a cute spring clutch. Does anyone know the availability of it in Canada? Thanks!

    *Clicking on the yellow bar above the picture will give you a better view
  2. It's very cute! Looks like it would have the same capacity as a regular Pochette.
  3. i was just looking at this! i def plan to chk it out on my nxt visit to LV. i too like the chain instead of the strap & wonder it could be tucked in when used as a clutch.
  4. super cute!!!

    I think that the chain is NOT removable.
  5. I think it is super cute!
  6. I keep wanting to buy a milla pochette but then am a little nervous about it not holding enough... anybody actually have one?
  7. i like it! i'm actually trying to decide between this and eva. i like the size of eva better, but this one doesn't have vachetta! thats a BIG plus for me.
  8. Pigeu - thanks for this thread. I did not know the Milla is now available in azur.
    It's very pretty! I was thinking of getting the Eva in azur, but was not really going to get much use out of the very long strap. This may be the perfect alternative!
  9. I really like this as an alternative to the more casual pochette. This is more elegant. Very pretty!
  10. Thanks for the input! I'm also deciding between this and the Azur Eva. I already have a Damier Eva, so maybe this will be a better alternative. I seldom use my Eva with the long strap anyway, but not sure how much this pochette can actually hold (Eva holds a ton). If someone has the Monogram version, please help us!
  11. I saw the Milla in the store last week and it looked gorgeous! Although the one I was looking at was the darker damier.
  12. I love it, it 's so cute!
  13. I agree!
  14. I would get the eva over the milla. I have both the mono eva and mono milla and my eva holds much more than the milla!