Damier Azur Pochette is on it's way to me - SO EXCITED!!!

  1. Once again the 866 Vuitton number came through for me and found me my pochette! It is shipping out tonight and I should have her in two days - not to mention the lady at the store in CA that had it in stock was lovely and really sweet...I am so excited!!! Will of course post my pics once she arrives.:yahoo:
  2. Oh, a pochette doesnt count as breaking my ban does it???:smile:
  3. Congrats!
    Very nice SA!
  4. Congrats cant wait for the pics!!
  5. That is fabulous! I love the Azur! Can't wait to see your pics!
  6. It will be my first Azur piece - after seeing all the pics on here of how much fits in there I had to have one!
  7. congrats!!!
    cant wait to see it!!
  8. eeeeeee! congratulations!! :smile:
  9. woot woot!!! I cant wait to get mine.. im getting a mini pochette however
  10. Thats great. Please post pics when it arivees. Love your signature BTW. I love animals and believe they should be rescued and you doggy is just too cute.
  11. Aw thanks - she's a purebreed rescue and is the sweetest little pup. :heart:
  12. :yahoo:
  13. Congrats!
  14. awww congratulations!! u'll LOVE it!! i just got mine today!! and its such a sweet bag!! :love:
  15. woot! i'm waiting on my speedy! hey, out of curiosity- did you have to pay for shipping and if so how much? thanks!