Damier Azur Pochette Cles???/

  1. I want something in Azur and i am on a misson for a shoulder bag right now...but i saw this and really like it...

    how many keys can i fit on the key holder?? and can i fit keys inside??

    i dont know if this will be practical for me!!! anyone have this that can tell me more about it!!!

    thanks everyone!!!
  2. hope this helps.
  3. thanks it does alot!!!! i didnt realize you could fit that much in the key ring!!!!
  4. I keep mine loaded down too. They can hold quite a lot. I never put keys inside the actual pochette tho- but they can hold some. Definitely say everyone needs at least one pochette cles!
  5. if you dont mind me asking...what do you keep inside the zip part?! i am really really wanting this and i just wanna make sure i would use it!!
  6. I keep all of my credit cards, cash, and spare change in the zip part. At the moment I am able to hold 11 cards, 4 dollar bills, and 2 quarters. All of this is in my azur cles. It is so convenient, easy to handle and keeps all my cards easily accessable. I have enabled you enough. Enjoy!
  7. [​IMG]
  8. pics of my two cles items. The one on bottom is an epi cles which hold a lot less than the canvas one.
  9. I don't ever put anything in mine. I just use them solely as key chains and bag charms.
  10. thanks so much!!!! i am definatly gonna get one!!
  11. ^thats a good comparison!