Damier Azur Pochette Cles and Mono Perfo Pouchette Cles

  1. I was thinking about getting a mono ludlow wallet for my small purses up until I read the thread regarding Cles yesterday. It seems like a lot of people think Cles is very functional and useful. So, now I have decided to get a Cles instead of ludlow. I have been searching different kinds of Cles, and limited to two that I like in terms of uniqueness, size and easiness to match my purses. I am torn between Damier Azur Pochette Cles and Mono Perfo Pochette Cles. Damier Azur is unique and the color combination is nice, but Mono Perfo is roomy. I only have monogram line purses. So if I get Damier Azur, will it be matching my monogram purses? Sorry for being so wordy, please give me suggestions on which one I should choose. Also, which Mono Perfo color is better if I should choose a Mono Perfo? Thanks!
  2. well it all depends on your needs I honestly think if what u need is a wallet you should consider the ludlow it is a great small wallet and will keep in order your credit cards bills and change.
    on the other hand talking about cles I would pic the perfo
    the azur will be around a long time if not always and as it is affordable you can always get it :yes:
  3. Honestly, the damier azur works ok with the monogram canvas, but it works a lot better with damier geant. I don't think it's the perfect match for the tradional mono. I tried it, but I wasen't all too happy, it wasen't horrid though. However, even though I hate the perfo line (the design) I think it would go better with mono, and if you like it I'd say go with perfo.
  4. I don't think all your handbag pieces need to match. Get whatever color/style you want! I really like the damier azur cles...it's a refreshing change in color from the usual mono.
  5. Both of course...so you can switch every few weeks.
  6. I would go with the Perfo/Ludlow combination. The Perfo is limited, and the Azur is a permanent collection.

    I have the green Perfo cles and I love it!
  7. ITA!
  8. ^agreed as well...

  9. Ditto!
  10. A ludlow and mono perfo cles sounds good! :smile: But, don't they serve the same function? OMG, I don't know.
  11. I'd get either the green or fucshia Perfo one.
  12. i like the orange perfo cles!
  13. I think I would get the orange or fushia perforated cles... more leaning towards the fushia as I'm a pink girl.