damier azur (pics for those wondering)

  1. is it just me or are there folks out there wondering what this new damier azur line looks like? well i was curious and searched it. it sure is pretty! :love:

    what's the price range going to be like?
    damienazur.jpg louisvuittondamienazur.jpg
  2. We have many many threads about it..

    it's the price list:

  3. oops! thanks!
  4. bagsnbags - I had missed the thread with the price list. Thanks much! :smile:
  5. the material is it leather?
  6. Thanks.
  7. I want the Speedy 25!!:drool:

    Thanks for posting these!!
  8. No problem.

    Lanbananthe material is it leather?

    Canvas just like mono and damier..
  9. does anyone know the exact launch date for australia? thanks! ;)
  10. thanks so much ladies for posting the pictures and prices.. i think my mum would love the noe! :smile: not sure how easily dirtied it is though... gotta wait till i actually see it i think..
  11. the bag seems a little too summery to me. i'm not really a fan of the damier to begin with, but i think the brown one is much more classic/versatile.
  12. ;) beautiful bags. That model... is that Elise from America's Next Top Model? She looks great!
  13. loves the speedy :heart:
  14. Great summer bag!
  15. the azur looks great in those pics.